Mute Swan

Mute Swan,
Poems for Maria
Queen of the World

The St. Thomas Poetry Series (Toronto)

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A brave, original, memorable collection.
Malcolm Guite

“…fiercely present…committed to justice-making as well as to the mysteries of being…”
Susan McCaslin

Mute Swan explores the landscape of the voiceless—voices misnamed, silenced, discounted, or subverted. Within a context of historic and contemporary Christendom, yet blurring perceptions of both, the poet offers a story of spiritual awakening and “unmuting.” Through her willingness to look directly at our human experience of injustice, impermanence, longing, beauty and love, the poet writes a way toward spiritual freedom. Mute Swan is a love letter calling us home.

“…earthy, raw…rich birthing imagery…poems where everything belongs.”

Christine Valters Paintner

“…a story beckoning me to a supper table where even the most rejected, fearsome and lonely parts can know home.”

Gareth Higgins

“…delightfully feminist in its embodied all inclusive natural imagery…”

Katerina Vaughan Fretwell

“Moving fluently between languages of nature, silence, and faith…”

Jordan Hartt


Mute Swan is available to purchase at:

The St. Thomas Poetry Series, HERE
Regent College Bookstore, Vancouver
Read Local Okanagan Pop-ups – pending
Mosaic Books, Kelowna
Indigo, Kelowna
All in-person readings

Mute Swan is available to borrow at:

The University of Toronto Library
St. Mary’s University Library, Halifax
Okanagan Regional Library – pending


The Ormsby Review: “Giving Voice to the Mute Swan,” by Cole Klassen

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