Lesley-Anne Evans



Meaning is not my creation.
This poem is yours now, read
into it what you wish, what you hear
of echoes. The colour of the sky
may predict the future, clouds
may have illuminated thoughts. I write only
what I see, what I cannot say as well as I wish to.
Like the high notes of an oriole falling from the oak tree this morning,
or your pebbled voice dropping through the phone
at 4:27 pm, ripples of a leave taking, last night.
We each write our own story.
We each must find our own way. It is all meaningless,
unless we believe in something.

Lesley-Anne Evans



POETRY PRIMER | A book of elementary principles

A limited edition of hand-bound, signed and numbered poetry/art books. This premier collection of Lesley-Anne’s lyric poetry, several previously published in literary journals, incorporates Dick and Jane primary reader flash cards from 1950’s Okanagan primary school classrooms. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity.

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Portraits of the poet by Giovanni Vidotto, Gioklik Studios,
 Wendy McAlpine, and Claire C. Evans.

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