A desire to engage with community through and with poetry has led Lesley-Anne to install her poems in public places around the world. Her social media moniker #beautyhunter emulates the truth of her daily creative and contemplative practice: “how to kneel in the grass, how to be idle and blessed.” Mary Oliver


Delta Literary Arts Society, UNBOUND Poetry Festival, Pop Up Poetry, forthcoming April 15, 2023

Inspired By Collection, Summerland Art Gallery, The Lifespan of Peaches, Original Wisdom, Artist’s Invocation, and Love Poem for Morning, Aug. 2018 (installation and leaflet)

Susan McCaslin’s Han Shan Project, Collaborator, Poems to Save a Rainforest, Spring 2012.

Pop-Up Poetry, ongoing public installations worldwide, including New York City, Los Angeles, Belfast, Portree Isle of Skye, Edinburgh, Perth, Kihei, Toronto, Kelowna, Montreal, and more. From 2012 to present.

Illumination Installation, handmade luminaires installed outside Kelowna B.C. shopping malls, parks, and sports facilities, during the darkest days of the Canadian winter. With poetic blessings and a tea lights for passersby to take home as a gift. From 2012 to present.

“Thanks for the wonderful adventure.”

A neighbourhood boy on a bike

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