Words to Live By

January 27, 2014 a group of business women gathered at heART School for the Purple Vine Club Monthly Momentum Meeting and an evening of creative engagement. A spirit of warm community filled the room as everyone let down their guard, took risks, and offered up words to the creation of an interactive poem, presented at evenings end by Poet, Lesley-Anne Evans.

Words to live by

This building is beautiful, my mind
is a blank, words blurred together,
glorious mess. Something unusual
is always about to happen. Panic strikes.
I forgot to write. What words of wisdom
might tumble through
this Is-dom?

I am open
to the song in my heart, I choose
to live. Better.
Making memories, finding
my poi-eh-ma, finding
my poems. Inspired action
is bliss, the way
the light shines in the park
on a Sunday afternoon, hope
is a thing with feathers (thanks Emily).

Through the mist, the trumpeter swans
emerge, gliding from the still lake
into the frozen sky.

Contributors: Judy Holt,

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