The global pandemic impacted us all, and for creatives who share their work in public gatherings, a new way was needed. Zoom and other online platforms like social media became places to gather virtually and share or experience poetry. At times it was almost like being there.


Following the print publishing of her poem “Arrivals” in Spiritual Director’s International journal, Presence, Lesley-Anne was invited by SDI to kick off a new virtual poetry feature for their online version of the journal. This is one of two videos available to their international membership.

In autumn 2021, The Federation of British Columbia Writers celebrated a province wide virtual “Road Show.” The Kelowna Spotlight of that Road Show featured eight writers of various genres. In this video clip, Lesley-Anne shares a poem and a story immediately following an introduction by FBCW Interior Representative, adventure writer Meaghan Hackinen.

“Another voice is coming through, the mother voice
which is universal, and touches a tender place in me.”

A participant at a Zoom poetry reading

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