Portrait of the Artist

The PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST project has launched with photographer Gianni Vidotto’s photographic session and interview with poet Lesley-Anne Evans. The full interview and photos are published on the Portraits of the Artist blog and on Tumbler.

Portrait of the Artist will create windows through which you may view aspects of the artist. Art is autobiography, and knowing the artist helps us to better appreciate their unique vision.

300 artists from all disciplines (painters, dancers, singers, actors, photographers, etc.) will be invited to participate in a photographic and personal interview experience. Creative portraiture and a short interview inquiring about the person and their art will be conducted.

If you are an artist (writer, painter, dancer, singer, photographer, etc.) and would like to participate in the project you may find information here: www.portaitsoftheartist.tumblr.com/information .

CBC Radio One Interview with Alya Ramadan

UPDATE FROM THE PRODUCER’S DESK: Interview time set at 7:40 am TOMORROW, CBC One, Daybreak South!

Rumour has it,  my interview with Daybreak’s Alya Ramadan, on poetry popping up and busking, will take place on Wednesday July 24th, between 5:30 and 8:30 am. As soon as the specific time is confirmed, I’ll let you know.

I’ll be up early and listening with you.