Publication Credits


The St. Thomas Poetry Series (Toronto), Mute Swan, Poems for Maria Queen of the World, forthcoming, Nov. 2021 (print)
Literary Mama, Tall Ship, forthcoming, Sept. 2021 (digital)
League of Canadian Poets, Poetry Pause, One As You Are One—A Meditation, Aug. 6, 2021 (cross membership distribution via email subscription)
Poetry Pause – The League of Canadian Poets, The Mind Transplant, May 2021
Fresh Voices 22 – The League of Canadian Poets, The Mind Transplant, April 2021
Presence Journal, Arrivals, Spiritual Directors International, (print and digital), March 2021
Faith Today, Eucharisteo, (print and digital), March 2021
Four poems in The Porch Magazine, September 2020 (digital)
LONGLISTED – The Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2020, When I said I Promise to Follow You All the Days of My Life I wasn’t Telling A Lie, September 2020 (print collection of longlisted poems)
LONGLISTEDPENfro Poetry Competition, ‘Loving the Earth’, What Shows and What it Might Mean’, August 2020
Fresh Voices 20 – The League of Canadian Poets, A Girl is Capable of Baiting Hooks and Drowning Worms in a River, June 26, 2020 (digital)
FORTHCOMING via Elizabeth Fry Society, Every Road is a Highway of Tears (print)
FIRST PLACE (one of two awarded), Federation of British Columbia Writers Literary Writes, publication in WordWorks Magazine, What You Carry, Spring 2019 (print and digital)
The Porch Magazine, Small Ruminants, Oct. 1,  2018 (digital)
Barren Magazine, Issue 2, Original Wisdom, Sept. 2018 (digital)
Inspired By Collection, The Lifespan of Peaches, Original Wisdom, Artist’s Invocation, and Love Poem for Morning,  Summerland Art Gallery, Sept. 2018 (installation and print)
COMMISSIONED by The Porch Magazine, Issue 2, Olly Olly In Come Free, Jan. 2017 (digital)
NEW CANADIAN OPERA: Libretto | LAKE of TEARS, Premier Performances at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, Feb. 2016 (performance/installation)
Cascadia Review ~ Vineyard, And So It Goes, Pacific Chorus, and Survey Crew, Jan. 2016 (digital)
Pantheos ~ Sarah over the Moon: Liberating Liturgies, Blessed be, Oct. 2014 (digital)
ALTARWORK ~ select poems and photography, 2014 to present (digital)
Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Volume X, Let’s Eat Pineapple, Sept. 2014 (print)
One Throne Magazine, Issue 2, Desert, Summer 2014 ~ nominated for Sundress Publications Best of the Net AwardREVIEW (digital)
The Antigonish Review, Issue #177, Sea Fleur/Vagabond Mauve, and Survey Crew, Contributors page, Spring 2014 (print)
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Ascent Aspirations Magazine, Vol. 18, In the blood and When all else fails dig a trench, March 2014 (digital)
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Sage-ing Journal, Dirt, Fall 2013, pg. 33-35 (print and digital)
Leaf Press, Monday’s Poem, Migrations, Sept. 23, 2013 (digital)
The Weight She Holds, Leaf Press, Edited by Patrick Lane, Body Image, July 2013, ORDER HERE. (print)
Sage-ing Journal, Everyday Grace, Summer 2013 (print and digital)
Bentlily, The Art of Noticing, The Moments When, March 2013 (digital)
Sage-ing Journal, All Things New, March 2013 (print and digital)
“Ten of the Best” – Short Poetry, Provision, March 2013 (digital)
Sage-ing Journal, The Precise Colour of Orange, January 2013 (print and digital)
2ND PLACE Pandoras Collective Poetry Contest –  Rose Hip, Oct. 2012 (digital)
HONOURABLE MENTION Pandoras Collective Poetry Contest –  The Precise Colour of Orange, Oct. 2012
HONOURABLE MENTION Pandoras Collective Poetry Contest – House plans, Feb. 2012
Sage-ing Journal, James Wilson Miller Cook, Winter 2011
University of British Columbia – Lake Journal, Soundings, Scotch Mints, 2009 (digital)
It Happened by Design, Kathie Thomas, Songbird, 2008 (print)


Sage-ing Journal, Issue 34, p. 33-35, Feeny Wood – A Call to Return, September 2020
Sage-ing Journal, Issue 33, p. 9-11, Lesley-Anne Evans interviews poet Susan McCaslin, June 2020
NaPoMo poetry party, interviews with 28 featured poets + photographers, April 2020
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Okanagan Women’s Weekly, Columnist,”My Grace Notes,” 2006-8


Inspired By – Ryga Arts Festival, poetry and visual art collaborations, Aug. 2018
Holding Out Hope Campaign, web content and photography, 2017
Lake of Tears | New Canadian Opera, Libretto, premier performances Feb. 2016
Susan McCaslin’s Han Shan Project, Collaborator, Poems that saved a Rainforest, 2012
Buddy Breathing, Indie Published Memoir for private purchase, September 2008
The Well E-Zine, Co-Editor & Contributing Writer, 2007-8
Pink Ink Workshop for Writing Women, (online) Creator & Administrator, 2008-10
Technical Writer, Website Content, 2008-10