“A note clipped to a bramble of blackberries. Enticing, inviting, encouraging. Be here now. Observe, enjoy, smile. And 2 million neurons surge endorphins. A walk home with open eyes and lightened heart.
Thank you!” Nancy, Port Townsend, Washington, U.S.A.


DSC_0150In Spring 2012, Lesley-Anne launched her initiative Pop-Up-Poetry in Kelowna, B.C. With sights set on spontaneous installations of poetry in public places, Lesley-Anne has pinned up hundreds of poems locally and internationally, including New York City, Belfast and Los Angeles (see map below). In winter months, Lesley-Anne’s Illumination Installations bring light and poetry to the early dark. She has received excited responses from those who happen upon it, and Lesley-Anne continues to pin poetry to trees, fences, stop signs, bomb shelters, outhouses, and anywhere in the thick of things.

For more about Pop-Up-Poetry, please drop by the website here.

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  2. Wowza~ Love the site! I will definitely be contacting this Rochelle Heinrichs at some point… So much to give praise for, the pop-up-poetry idea is brilliant and busking (ummm very awesome!!) Not to mention the everything under one house metaphor- you have captured the heart of a type A like myself when you whisper sweet things such as this… Sure hope I come across a poem somewhere out there soon, how fun would that be :0)))

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