“The imagery behind pen and lens is equally mesmerizing. Let [Lesley-Anne’s] images and words smolder within you.”Jason Ramsey, Founder/Editor ALTARWORK


Lesley-Anne is a beauty hunter in poetry, and photography. She captures elusive, mysterious, everyday beauty with her Nikon D3000 and Nikkor 18-55mm lens, and iPhone. Check out Lesley-Anne’s latest photos at See/Saw and on Instagram

Barren Magazine features many of Lesley-Anne’s captivating images. National Geographic’s Daily Dozen, and Toronto Star’s Photo Desk Daily Beast have published her photographs. Lesley-Anne has a photo assignment forthcoming in the print magazine GEEZ.

A gallery of photographs are showcased at ALTARWORK, Okanagan Art Review, and in the header of this website. Lesley-Anne’s little shop of fresh, wearable, one-of-a-kind-fashion-photography-on-funky-garments, is available at Montreal’s ArtofWhere.




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A few of Lesley-Anne’s photographs.