instigator (plural instigators)

  1. A person who intentionally instigates, incites, or starts something, especially one that creates trouble.

Lesley-Anne Evans creates a type of unrest that tends to upset the status quo. She takes risks with her ideas, her words, and her actions. She aligns with people who are willing to consider a world without boxes, and who see the opportunity to effect change in culture that begins with doing things just a wee bit differently.

Lesley-Anne has been, and is, a quiet and persistent cultural provocateur and instigator with the following initiatives;

Feeny Wood – Retreat. Reflect. Restore.

Homeless Jesus acquisition – TBA

Tea Time @ Metro – Advisor

Red Couch: Art By Metro

SEE:kelowna Exhibit, a collaboration of Kelowna Museums and Metro Community

Poetry Wall for Kelowna’s Gospel Mission

Pop-Up Poetry in the Wild Goose Cafe

Metro Community Poetry Circle

Metro Little Free Library

Metro Little Free Mobile Library

Ink and Dash Co-conspirator

Poetry Wall at Metro Community

Holding Out Hope Stories

Flash Poetry

Pop-Up-Poetry – international installations

Illumination Installations

Pink Ink Workshop for Women

The Well Ezine