Green is a consolation of cedars

A new poem birthed @ the ORL, Mission Branch on October 17, 2013. From an interactive poetry experience wherein audience members contribute words and phrases to the poet Lesley-Anne Evans. Lesley-Anne hones the words into a finished piece and shares the “found poem” with the audience at evening’s end.

To each one of you who gave generously to the process. Thank you. Our poem is lovely.

Green is a consolation of cedars

Green is
a consolation of cedars, work of hands
shrieks of laughter, luscious waving grasses
along the edge of my garden, a place
I’d rather be.

Addiction is
an ocean, the annoying drip
of a leaky shower head
my sister’s tight lipped smile
the small and impotent Euclidean minds
of men, sad reflections of love gone astray.

Why does every second song on the radio
speak of broken hearts, betrayal
rejection, pain. A weary soul
refreshed by poetic phrases
from a friend, reminders
of what’s good today, what’s
marvelous in all things
beyond critique.

Hold open the world.