Anfänger schrumplig, Du bist schön

A new poem “found” @ Pulp Fiction Coffee House, on September 28, 2013. From an interactive poetry experience, wherein audience members donate word phrases to the poet, Lesley-Anne Evans. Lesley-Anne melds the words into a finished work, and shares the “found poem” at the end of the evening.

This poem is dedicated to the fun and courageous group of good people who participated.

Anfänger schrumplig, Du bist schön

Put on the church, but
I want to stay. Don’t
mention the war.

The Johnnie Walker box
is drawing my attention ~ red label
black label, lip smacking as the poodle
steps across the line and the young man
behind the counter says, beep beep.
The poodle corrects his position. I’m listening
to a melody, as a newborn babe
hungers for pure milk I’m watching
the rain softly fall. Purple rain
falls, let us drink in the sweetness.

Fragmented soul, what mask
you wear tonight, be careful
you don’t lose you. Like a mirror into the future ~
what secrets do you hide, what regrets
do you hold. Vicarious living
through others ~ do you wish to escape
your own life? When words lose meaning
when a lump in the throat
is the prevailing feeling, language
is an exhausting triviality. Interpretation
is the defusing kit, the expression ~
eternal explosion exponentially
growing and spreading forever
self-conscious judgements.

Time for a new song.

Everyone has a dream
so go for it. Love is
a good thing for people. Laughter
soothes the soul. As if someone was thirsty for a drink
we are all thirsty for truth. When you get a drink of water
it is like finding the truth you were looking for.
The willow tree by a dry stream bed
has roots that grow deep
to reach water. Anfänger schrumplig
Du bist schön.*

*from the German, meaning; wrinkly beginner, you are beautiful.

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